Gone are the days where you need to have specialised skills and knowledge to build your own website. Building your own website has become easy and cheap. There are many free website providers (free web host) that you can use to build really professional looking site. Here are some examples

Synthasite/Yola - I would say this is the best host I have used this far.There are loads of features and the site builder is very easy to use. All you need to pay for is the domain name.

Weebly - This is another free web host site . I have only used it once and found it to be good.

Edicy - A fairly good host but I have not used it to create any site yet.

Freewebs - This is one of the pioneers in free web hosting. I have used this host to create several sites. Loads of features but come with restrictions unless you purchase a premium membership.

Freevirtualservers - Another free host withpaid options for more features and space.

Before you head for these free web host, it would be wise to visit 2planawebsite and 2createawebsite. You will learn some very useful things about building a website.