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The world wide web is growing very fast and it is increasingly becoming difficult to keep up with the latest the internet has to offer. This site aims to provide visitors with as much information as possible about online services that can help one maximise their  web experience. This site is also a bookmark of useful and interesting websites that I have used.



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Online Learning

Posted by Pittan on Wednesday, July 8, 2009, In : Learning 
The internet has made it possible for anyone to pursue a new course or career through online learning. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to enroll for a course or spend loads of time attending lectures and exams that can encroach on your lifestyle. There are hundreds of websites offering offering virtually all kinds of courses at very affordable fees. Fireball U is one such website. The courses offered will not only equip you with the knolwedge and skills you want but also open new...
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Learning Maths

Posted by Pittan on Saturday, April 25, 2009, In : Learning 
There are hundreds of resources available online for learning especially for learning Maths. If you are preparing for a major public exam like GCSE or iGCSE then here are some websites that can help and support your learning the subject.

Emaths - Very suitable for those sitting for GCSE Maths

EasyMaths  - Another useful site for GCSE Maths.

Mymaths - Very useful but needs to pay subscription if you want full access.

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