Learning tools and resources to help support your studies and preparation for exams.



Exam Tips - Get all the tips you can for preparing for exams.

Internet For Education - Learn how to use the Internet for your studies or your work

Learn memory techniques - Lloads of ideas to improve your brain's memory power.

Project Happy Child - A massive project to link children all across the world.


Homework - Internet resources to help complete your homework assignments.

Maths Dictionary - An interactive dictionary for Maths words.


KS3 Maths - Another blog but for KS3 Maths. Loads of links to help you revise Maths.

Emaths - Very suitable for those sitting for GCSE Maths

EasyMaths  - Another useful site for GCSE Maths.



EDF education website - EDF Energy website for electricity in Education

BBC Science website - Loads of activities and fun games for learning science