Here are some info for parents. If you are a parent, it would be a good idea to subscribe to some of these sites.




eHow - How To Do Just About Everything

Education Info - This is part of the Directgov website and packed with information about education in the UK.

Raising Kids - Another website that will furnish you with a variety of information for raising kids. Membership is free.

Internet Safety
-Kidsmart is an award winning practical internet safety programme website for schools, young people, parents, and agencies, produced by the children's internet charity Childnet International. To access resources including lesson plans, leaflets, posters, activity days and interactive games.

Local Council news
-If you need any information about a particular local authority, then thisis the best place to go to. Enter the post code or name of town and you will be taken to local authority website that town comes under.

NSPCC Child protection
- NSPCC inform is the UK's only free, online, specialised child protection resource for practitioners, researchers, trainers, policy-makers and other professionals working to protect children. This website provides access to the most current information on child abuse, child protection and safeguarding in the UK..

Your Child's health
- This is one of the pages on the Raising Kids website dedicated to taking care of your child's health. Loads of useful information



Parents Centre - Informationand support for parents on how to help with your child's learning,including advice on choosing a school and finding childcare.


The families Forum

This site is intended for anyone who wishes to discuss and chat about family life. You may have a question about bringing up kids, caring for elderly parents or have relationship questions, this forum is here for you to discuss those issues.


Is Perfectionism Holding Back Your Child?  By : Michael Grose
Are you living with a perfectionist? Do you have a child who is held back by the curse of perfectionism? Perfectionists can also be hard to live with. They make demanding partners and anxious children. Being a slave to perfectionism means kids become observers rather than participants in many aspects of life. Read the following article to discover the ‘9 ways to spot a perfectionist’.

5 Steps to Happier Kids  By : Shelby Strong
Help your kids find joy in every day play.

How To Promote Good Behavior in Kids  By : Shelby Strong
A multi-pronged approach to stopping bad behavior, and promoting healthy, good behavior through rules, consequences, taking time to play with your child, and loving them unconditionally.

Enduring The Challenges of Single Parenting  By : Lucile Taylor
When people think about having kids, they readily picture a family with a mother and a father collectively as parents. However, for quite an increasing number of children, the reality is that they only have one parent – either a mother or a father alone.