Building a website is no longer the domain of a select few. Any one can now build a website as there are hundreds of websites offering free service to help and support you in building a website. In fact this website was completely build using one of these free web building websites. 



 Web Hosting

I have used several free web hosting sites to build my sites. Each offering different features. The following are some of the better ones. After building your site you can purchase a DOMAIN NAME for your site to make it personal and easy to remember for your visitors. If you do not wish to purchase a domain name then you can just use the sub-domain name given by the web hosting site.

Please read all conditions carefully before you decide to choose a web host.

- This is a completely free web hosting site and there are no charges for additional features.

Freewebs - This website has some very good features including blog, forum, calender and web store, however these features come with conditions and strings attached. You need to opt for premium package in order to use the full facilities provided by the site. You can purchase domain names directly from the site.

HeartInternet - This website gives you a very large server space and bandwidth but you need to purchase a domain name from the site before you can use the free web hosting facility. A site builder is not included as one of the features for the free account. You transfer a domain name from another host and make use of the free space provided if you already have a website and you paying for hosting it on another site.



 Web Hosting Articles

How To Identify The Best Web Hosting Provider  By : Christine Anderssen
There are many companies out there offering to host your website. It can be difficult to determine the roses from the thorns.

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 Web Tools

While building this and my other websites I had to look for all kinds of web building tools to help me as I have no programming background. I was quite surprised by the number of free site building tools available on the net. Almost all of these do not require any programming knowledge.

Free Banner - Make your own banner or use ready templates.

30 Websites com - This is a list of 30 websites web developers should keep track of, to find new techniques, resources, and news about building websites.

LabPixies - LabPixies is a free online directory for web gadgets. The gadgets are available for personalized homepages like Google, Live.com, Netvibes and Pageflakes, and can also be embedded on most blogs and web pages. Simply click on the "add to" button of your favorite website and start personalizing your online experience!

Free Website designing Tutorials  - Learn more about web building by following the free tutorials offered on this website. Loads of links and tips to building a truly professional looking site.

Creatyourwebsite - This blog discusses everything related to creating your on website. Very useful especially for beginners.



Great Web Site Design Layout Five Tips Common Elements  By : GURPREET KAUR
Your web site design layout largely depends on the type of website you're building. A sales page, for example, has different requirements than a landing page, and a landing page has different requirements than a niche web page. For our purposes, however, we're going to address a generic web site. This is a website that has multiple pages, with each page both leading to other pages on the site and also standing on its own.

Reasons to be Online  By : Manish Rawat
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